Study shows lack of research into GM health effects (24/6/2004)

Study shows lack of research into GM health effects
Medical News Today, 24 Jun 2004

A study by scientists in Norway and Denmark shows a serious lack of published research into the health effects of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

The study by Professor Ian Pryme and Rolf Lembcke was published in the journal Nutrition and Health earlier this year (2003). It says that there have only been ten published studies of the health effects of GM food or feed. The researchers found that the quality of some of these was inadequate.

Over half were undertaken in collaboration with companies (fully or partially), and these found no negative effects on body organs. The other studies were independent and looked more closely at the effects on the gut lining. Several of these found potentially negative changes which have not been explained.

As we know, similar effects on the gut lining were found in the unpublished animal feeding study on the Flavr Savr tomato. Also unpublished is the human feeding trial by Newcastle University which found that transgenes transfer out of GM food into gut bacteria at detectable levels after only one GM meal.

The biotechnology companies often refer to some 100 animal feeding studies as proof of safety. However, these were designed to test the commercial value of the animal feed, not safety. Furthermore, many of these studies were duplicates and not all were published.

To continue reading this study please go to this web page of the Soil Association, UK http://www.soilassociation.org/web/sa/saweb.nsf/0/80256cad0046ee0c80256d66005ae0fe?OpenDocument

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