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30/6/2004 "Bioterror” charges downgraded to “mail fraud” in stealth indictment
30/6/2004 A European vision for plant biotechnology towards 2025
30/6/2004 GM pesticide “secrets” to go public as Bayer drops court case
30/6/2004 India and US to cooperate in agricultural biotechnology / Reading, writing and Roundup Ready
30/6/2004 Professor Berry exposed - Few studies on GM food
30/6/2004 Rice yields dip as planet warms
30/6/2004 Syngenta to move its labs to US
29/6/2004 Caught in the Matrix
29/6/2004 Lobby assault on UK Parliament
29/6/2004 U.S. Imposes New Limits on Scientists
28/6/2004 Activists putting children's lives at risk say Kendra & co.
28/6/2004 It's already in the fridge
28/6/2004 It's pest-proof - non-GM cotton varieties
28/6/2004 Monsanto GM Maize Not Authorised by EU Commission / GM exodus from Germany?
28/6/2004 More shoddy science in GM approval
28/6/2004 Thailand/El Salvador/India/Malta/Malaysia/Africa
25/6/2004 Meacher - GM food is heading for your fridge / Michael Meacher meets scientists
24/6/2004 'Crude and rude' GM condemned by genetic engineer
24/6/2004 Let's see the data - pharma bares all?
24/6/2004 Mother Nature's decaff coffee outclasses GM
24/6/2004 Protesters fell GM tree study - 400 GM beeches destroyed
24/6/2004 Study shows lack of research into GM health effects
24/6/2004 Tax scam / Bayer deaths / PhRMA lobbyist goes to BIO
24/6/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 78
23/6/2004 BIO warned by FBI of "activist threat" / Unspinning the Web of Corporate Influence
23/6/2004 FAO critics want blood
23/6/2004 Protesters Lambast FAO Over GMO Stand
23/6/2004 Small-scale farmers get technology boost in Africa?
23/6/2004 Spain questions scientific advice on GMO crops
22/6/2004 "Traces of Genetic Engineering Detected in Milk"
22/6/2004 First we impoverish you, then we enslave you - the US in West Africa
22/6/2004 Food safety key to food security, west Africa says after US makes GMO pitch
22/6/2004 GM campaigners arrested after storming cargo ship
22/6/2004 GM controversy reaches food enzyme market and other stories from around the world
22/6/2004 U.S.-African Relationship "Strong" / US Speeding Food Tech Transfers - Veneman / U.S., Foundation Agree to Promote Food Technologies in Africa
21/6/2004 Bishop blames government over GMOs and farmers' poverty
21/6/2004 Protesters board GM crop ship
21/6/2004 US's big biotech bash / GM Watch on Voice of America! / US hypocrisy / Targeting Tanzania / Zambia says 'No!'
21/6/2004 Zambia refuses GM foods
20/6/2004 'Safer' GM Tobacco Not So Safe / Tobacco giant funds 'bad gene' hunt
20/6/2004 Massive GM delivery blocked at sea by Greenpeace
20/6/2004 US takes GMO pitch to Africa / 'GM-free Africa'
18/6/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 77
17/6/2004 Farming Initiative for Africa Launched
16/6/2004 FAO accused of favouring Monsanto and pushing transgenic crops
16/6/2004 New Europe blocks US GM food import / Monsanto's GM rape causes concern
16/6/2004 New studies contradict FAO report and show GM cotton fails to benefit farmers
16/6/2004 New study exposes Monsanto’s charade in India
16/6/2004 Non-GM food available for Angola
15/6/2004 Who really won the Schmeiser Decision? E. Ann Clark
14/6/2004 Biotech investors scared, says official report / Australia's regulator
14/6/2004 Ian Gibson making a Burke of himself
14/6/2004 India infected with bad-idea virus / Forget the hype, Bt cotton is nothing special, says Indian Minister
14/6/2004 Study casts doubt on safety – Test vote for “New Europe”
12/6/2004 Biotech Holds The Solution to Africa's Food Woes / Biotech crops do aid world's poor, says Dennis Avery
12/6/2004 Investment in GM drying up in US / industry plans attack on local bans
12/6/2004 Moore in debate at BIO 2004 / More on BIO 2004
12/6/2004 US launches Borlaug training programme for African scientists
11/6/2004 Art becomes next suspect in America's 9/11 paranoia/PROTEST DETAILS
11/6/2004 South African Council of Churches calls for moratorium in statement of concern
11/6/2004 US shoppers lack choice - Seeds of Doubt part 5
10/6/2004 Anti-GM views growing in US
10/6/2004 Biotechnology as religion
10/6/2004 Lobbyists targeting Africa - a directory
10/6/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 76
10/6/2004 US-sponsored summit on GMOS for west African leaders / Workshop in Liberia
9/6/2004 Anti-biotech coalition lashes out at GMO crops
9/6/2004 Baby milk full of GMOs in Russia
9/6/2004 Biotech Demonstrators Denounce Police Behavior
9/6/2004 Courting biotech "is a bad-idea virus", says economist
9/6/2004 Foes of biotech convention block downtown streets
9/6/2004 Gaping holes in US regulation - Seeds of Doubt part 4
8/6/2004 Biotech industry funds bumper crop of UC Davis research
8/6/2004 GM industry's "disastrous domino effect" / Anti-GM campaign pledged to continue at South Asian farmers' leaders meeting / Science, hype, lollipops at BIO
8/6/2004 GM Salmon Muscle In on Wild Fish When Food Is Scarce
8/6/2004 Monsanto threatening farmers with jail? YOUR HELP NEEDED
8/6/2004 Pusztai on Dr Ian Gibson
8/6/2004 U.S. bioterrorism research leaps past defensive
8/6/2004 Use Of Bt As A Microbial Agent More Effective Than Transgene
7/6/2004 Africa compelled to adopt GM
7/6/2004 Gene Traders - New book edited by Brian Tokar
7/6/2004 Globe-trotting genes
7/6/2004 Mali's people reap no reward from biotech
6/6/2004 "Indian firebrand" battles biotech
6/6/2004 A Backgrounder on Dr. Traavik's Study
6/6/2004 GM Food Aid Controversy Erupts Again in Africa
6/6/2004 Monsanto - the real story - beyond all decency
6/6/2004 Monsanto's viable corporate ownership strategy
4/6/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH NUMBER 75 - and monthly review
3/6/2004 Agent Blue and the Business of Killing Rice
3/6/2004 Author takes swipe at scientific elite
3/6/2004 Media manipulators and fake persuaders
3/6/2004 Now Bayer pulls out of GM canola in Australia
2/6/2004 Bioscience Warfare - Big Biotech has silenced majority of scientists working on risk
2/6/2004 FBI's GM Art Attack/overwhelming police response
2/6/2004 GM Crops Destroy the Third World
2/6/2004 India's new biotech matrix
2/6/2004 Is Monsanto's GM cattle drug dead?
2/6/2004 Pharma crops increasing in US
1/6/2004 Happy ending to GM farce
1/6/2004 ISAAA's GM Bubble
1/6/2004 Sainsbury's cowed into non-GM milk