Growing Industry Opposition to GMO Referenda (25/8/2004)

1.Growing Industry Opposition to GMO Referenda
2.Please support us in having a GMO free city
3.GM FREE ZONES around the world

1.Growing Market Opposition to GMO Referenda
[from www.prwatch.org - Spin of the day]

"Worried that county bans on biotech crops could spread throughout the state, mainstream farm groups from the California Cattlemen's Association to the national Farm Bureau are marshaling their resources," reports the Sacramento Bee. The California Rice Commission is "developing a 'communications plan' to influence Butte [County] voters along with a backup litigation plan in case the [anti-biotech] measure passes." Following votes to ban biotech crops in California's Mendocino and Trinity counties[1], "biotech backers are widely rumored to be shopping legislation that would stop counties from regulating biotech crops. Even the U.S. Department of Agriculture[2] ... reportedly is scouring county initiatives to build a legal case against them."
SOURCE: Sacramento Bee, August 16, 2004
[1] http://www.prwatch.org/spin/March_2004.html#1078203602

2.Please support us in having a GMO free city
From: "Miep Bos" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Steunbetuiging. Please support us in having a GMO's free city
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 14:47:02 +0200

Dear citizens and scientists from all over the world, who are worried about GM-food.

Would you be so kind to give us your support in writing an e-mail to Miep Bos, that you agree on our initiative for a Lelystad-free from GMO's (Lelystad, a Dutch town) is our city, where there are so many organic farmers, it is impossible to have both ways GMO's and organic farming. And they want to agree put into practice Life Sciences too, we do not want that!.

We, three worried mothers and 50 other citizens want the best for our families and city and want to try via a citizen-initiative to ban all GMO's from our town.

On 30th of August and on 16th of September there will be a meeting in the town hall and on 16th of September the local councel will vote.

Pleace support us. We will put your name on www.gentechvrij.nl (gentechvrij= GMO's-free in Dutch).

Thank you very much for your support! You can watch the results on www.gentechvrij.nl

Please forward this message!

Yours Truly,
Miep Bos ( tel.0320 258421)
Maria Lieve
Wilma Schoots,

Worried Mothers.

Beste mensen,

Indien het niet mogelijk is te komen bij de behandeling van het Burgerinitiatief op 30 aug. a.s. zou u ons dan een steunbetuiging willen sturen?
Dan zet ik die op mijn website. www.gentechvrij.nl

Bij voorbaat dank.
Vriendelijke groeten,
Miep Bos (beeldend kunstenares)
homepage: http://www.miepbos.nl/
e-mail: [email protected]

3.GM FREE ZONES around the world - more info

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