Help Pass the Vermont Farmer Protection Act (8/4/2005)

Help Pass the Vermont Farmer Protection Act 
Call to Action / Rural Vermont 7may04
Friends across the US and the World,

Vermont (USA) is nearing the end of its 2004 legislative session. We have successfully passed the Right to Know bill, which will require clear labeling of GE seeds and will require manufacturers to report to the state about how much GE seed is sold here each year. This law also includes a clear definition of GE seeds, and will help us all to challenge the notion of substantial equivalence of GE and non-GE seeds. This law will go into effect on October 1, 2004.

However, we are still fighting the battle in Vermont! We want to get the Farmer Protection Act passed before the year is out. This bill has already passed in the Vermont Senate, but we have two bodies, and we need it to pass also in the Vermont House before it can go to the Governor for enactment. This bill would protect ALL farmers from gene contamination lawsuits! It is truly landmark legislation, and would help us all in our global struggle against big biotech.

The problem is that the Vermont legislators don't really understand how important this bill is to YOU. They only see what is happening here. Vermont only has 600,000 people -- in many cases, less than the number of people living in your city! It is NOT common for our legislators to read national or international news, and they do not have staff people to explain to them the broader context. Because of this, they are getting worn down. The administration here is very opposed to this bill, and the biotech lobbyists are working hard to threaten and coerce our legislators.


Send a message of hope and encouragement to our key allies in the Vermont Statehouse. You can send the same message to all of the legislators listed below. These are only a few of our really strong champions, and they need all the encouragement they can get in the next few days. 

Our legislative session will likely end by May 15th, so your email TODAY is urgently needed! 

Speak from your heart and tell them why their courage and action is important to you. If you are working on a campaign where you live, tell them about it! 

Thank them for all they have done so far, and encourage them to stand up for all family farmers across the world!

In your subject line, please write: From _(your state/country)_ - Please pass the Farmer Protection Act!

Here is the list of key lawmakers:
Carolyn Partridge [email protected] 
Floyd Nease [email protected] 
Betty Nuovo [email protected] 
David Zuckerman [email protected] 
Gaye Symington [email protected] 
Jeanette White [email protected] 
Peter Welch [email protected] 
Dick Sears [email protected] 
John Campbell [email protected] 
Vince Illuzi [email protected] 
Sara Kittell [email protected] 

THANK YOU for taking the time to send this email. You will really be helping our campaign. Please spread the word far and wide and let these lawmakers know they are on the front lines of the battle against big biotech!

Amy Shollenberger
Policy Director
Rural Vermont 
[email protected] 

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