Four pharm crop trials trashed in France (30/8/2005)

An investigation ought to be underway into the persons responsible for approving these big open field pharm trials in maize (corn) - a food and feed crop grown incredibly widely in France.

Growing such crops in the open is a truly criminal act.

French officials condemn the destruction of genetically modified plants
Reuters, 30 August 2005
Translated by Tina Hooker, Checkbiotech

PARIS - Four French ministers condemned the recent destruction of fields used for experiments with genetically modified plants in Tarn and Puy-de-Dme with the greatest determination.

"These vandalistic actions that go against the law and public interest impair years of research in the biomedical field for the possible treatment of mucoviscidosis and certain cancers," according to a joint release from the ministers of agriculture, health, ecology and research.

"Experiments in open fields is the only way to produce sufficient amounts of active substance for the preliminary research of new medical treatments," the French ministers added. Dominique Busserau, Xavier Bertrand, Nelly Olin and Francois Goulard also reaffirmed their support for the researchers and farmers who have incurred substantial losses from this vandalism.

They underscored that a criminal case had been opened and that an investigation is under way to identify the persons responsible for these acts and to bring them to justice.

A two-hectare field of genetically-manipulated corn used for experiments and research, situated in the community of Blan, South of Tarn, was destroyed by people whose identities have yet to be determined.

In addition, in the Puy-de-D™me in the communities of Neschers, Issoire and Broc, three more lots of genetically modified corn, which were being cultivated for medical research, were all destroyed within 24 hours of each other.

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