Video of peaceful action in support of justice for Silvino Talavera rejected (8/3/2007)

Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007
From: "lilian joensen"
[email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Your video has been rejected

To whom it may concern:

The video you rejected was about a peaceful peasant demonstration in remebrance of the 11 year old boy Silvio Talavera who died after he was sprayed in two opportunities by RRsoy producers. I am so sorry that you consider such an act as violent and promoting hate.

The video I tried to post in your site is related to the following, which you anyway allowed:

I hope that you would be kind to revise your position on this issue, since there are no scenes of violence, but a simple peasant demonstration asking for justice in the presence of the local Public Prosecutor, the family of the child that was killed by the RRsoya producers Hermann Schlender y Alfred Launstenlager in Pirapey, Itapua. The Public Procecutor gives a speach in this video, supporting the people that are peacefully demonstrating and he ask for our support (the poeple peacefully demonstrating) in the trial that was going on against the powerful Rrsoy producers.

I intended to use this video in a presentation I have given to the UNEP in a e-forum for biofuels, about the consequences of the production of soya in Paraguay and Argentina.

Once again, I hope that you revise you position and allow me to upload the video so, UNEP can be informed of what is happening in Paraguay.

Sincerely yours
Lilian Joensen


2007/3/7, [email protected] [email protected]:


Your video "Acto Pirapeyu por Silvino" was rejected because it didn't comply with our policies.

Videos submitted to our program are subject to an initial review to ensure that they comply with our guidelines. When videos do not meet our standards, we disapprove them. The following explains our content policies for uploading videos:

* You must have all necessary legal rights to the content.

* The video must not contain pornographic, nude, or obscene material.

* The subject matter in the video must not be illegal.

* The video cannot contain invasions of personal privacy.

* The video cannot contain promotions of hate or incitement of violence.

* The video cannot contain graphic violence or other acts resulting in serious injury or death.

For more information regarding Google Video policies, please visit:

Please make sure that your video complies with our policies listed above. If certain parts of your video don't comply with our policies, please edit your footage and resubmit it for review.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Google Video Team

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