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31/3/2007 Genetic scientist warns of risks of GM
31/3/2007 Gov't of Philippines backs down on GM corn
31/3/2007 Hawaiians, farmers push for ban on GM taro
31/3/2007 Korea says 'No' to GM rice imports
30/3/2007 GEAC and animal deaths / Going GM-free in Karnataka
30/3/2007 Mexico still stopping GM rice imports / 4 types of GM contamination
30/3/2007 UK government must respect European Parliament decision
30/3/2007 USA Rice Federation says "No!" to Ventria's rice trials
29/3/2007 Andhra Pradesh Ag Dept cautions farmers against Bt cotton
29/3/2007 European Parliament votes for organics
29/3/2007 S. Korean govt orders labelling / Labelling demanded in Canada
28/3/2007 Day 15 of hunger strike in France against GMOs
28/3/2007 New Pusztai article on GM potato controversy
28/3/2007 Taxonomy of rhetoric and the denial of cosumer protection
28/3/2007 Vegetable Fallout From the New Manhattan Project
28/3/2007 Withdrawal of Monsanto's GM corn ordered by Philippines Ag Secretary
27/3/2007 1,727 villages in Orissa declared GM free
27/3/2007 CSIRO: public resources for private profit
27/3/2007 Facing down the threat of GM rice
27/3/2007 Five-year freeze on biofuels needed - Monbiot
27/3/2007 More on Bt cotton cattle deaths / Supreme Court still prevents GM trials
27/3/2007 More trouble for Monsanto
27/3/2007 Now scientists create a sheep that's 15% human
26/3/2007 Importers question purity of US crops - Wall Street Journal
26/3/2007 Keep GMOs out of organic food! - Urgent
26/3/2007 Stop Bt cotton seed sales - Animal Husbandry Dept
26/3/2007 Thirty Thousand People in Nepal Raise Their Voices for Rice
25/3/2007 FDA "cherry-picked" evidence to push cloned animal foods
25/3/2007 GM crops cause "breakdown" in Indian farming systems
25/3/2007 Indian public health experts warn against GM mosquitoes
25/3/2007 South Africa rejects world first GM maize for biofuels
24/3/2007 84 more Indian villages pledge to stay GM-free / Monsanto boycotts China
24/3/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 210
23/3/2007 Der Spiegel - Are GM crops killing bees?
23/3/2007 Interview: GM-Watch on Channel 4's pro-GM documentary 'Animal Farm'
23/3/2007 Monsanto "a risky investment"/GMOs unfit for consumption
23/3/2007 One-million signature campaign for the Week of Rice Action
23/3/2007 The Silent War on the People of India
22/3/2007 Bee demise - Are GMOs the missing link?
22/3/2007 Biofuels Spark Biotech Rally / BP-Berkeley Conflict of Interest
22/3/2007 Brazil Delays Vote on Gene-Altered Crop Amid Protest
22/3/2007 Eyewitness to Monsanto environmental crime gagged
22/3/2007 GM mozzies no "silver bullet" and may not work - experts
22/3/2007 New GM safety fears - Oz / Farmers will go bankrupt if not GM-free - NZ
21/3/2007 BASF and Monsanto Announce GM Collaboration
21/3/2007 Blow for first African trials of GM cassava
20/3/2007 Biotech industry withdraws GM foods / GM mosquitoes / GM soy baron likely Brazil's new Ag Minister
20/3/2007 CSIRO axes expert who criticised GM crops
20/3/2007 GM rice can't cure diarrhoea
20/3/2007 Hunger strike against GMOs in France
20/3/2007 Multiple studies show Roundup toxicity
20/3/2007 Regulatory systems for GE crops a failure: the case of MON863
20/3/2007 Rice futures nose-dive as Mexico halts US rice
19/3/2007 Anti-GM Stunt Targets France's Sarkozy
19/3/2007 GM wheat firm going belly-up - "State won't help us"
19/3/2007 Oppose GM contamination of organics - Take action
19/3/2007 Rise and shine: the GM wake-up call
18/3/2007 (GM) Animal Farm - Channel 4's latest dodgy documentary
18/3/2007 Another LM network swindle
18/3/2007 Cost to label GM food is overblown - Canadian study
15/3/2007 Biofuels and the Green Resistance - stop BP Berkeley
15/3/2007 California Rice Commission spurns biotech
15/3/2007 CRIIGEN on GM maize concerns / EFSA to review GM maize
15/3/2007 Lax oversight of GM pharma crops exposed in USDA documents
15/3/2007 Seralini 90-day GM maize rat feeding study available
15/3/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 209
14/3/2007 Breaking news - Mexico stopping rice imports at the border
14/3/2007 Calls for GM spud trials to be stopped after Dutch court ruling
14/3/2007 Cotton seed confusion in poor countries
14/3/2007 Fresh approvals of Bt cotton blocked in India
14/3/2007 Mexico not U.S. trash can / Anti-Bush protests continue
14/3/2007 Re: URGENT appeal for financial support for GM Watch
13/3/2007 Are we playing dice with the biosphere?
13/3/2007 French Scientists Express Doubt About Genetically Modified Corn
13/3/2007 GM potato field trial destruction ordered
13/3/2007 GM spuds have had their chips as Irish trials stopped
13/3/2007 New setback for biotech crops in Europe
13/3/2007 New study shows GM maize caused kidney and liver toxicity
13/3/2007 Thousands protest Bush, "agrofuels"
12/3/2007 Asia's Rice Under Threat!
12/3/2007 GMOs Invade Our Planet - What's the Harm?
12/3/2007 Judge orders immediate halt to sales of GM alfalfa seed
12/3/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 208
11/3/2007 Could genetically modified crops be killing bees?
11/3/2007 LM-linked director 'duped' leading scientist
11/3/2007 New report greenwashes GM crops over carbon emissions
11/3/2007 Rice Industry Troubled by Genetic Contamination
10/3/2007 Benefits of GM crops challenged in Australia
10/3/2007 Biotech corporations use fear to kill off "inconvenient" research
10/3/2007 Bush-MNC onslaught on Latin America
10/3/2007 Corporate Ties Could Hide GMO Risks
10/3/2007 EU Ag Chief Sees Increased Rice Imports from India if GM-free
10/3/2007 MUST READ - Ignacio Chapela's speech on the BP-Berkeley deal
9/3/2007 Berkeley faculty critical of BP deal / An unstable concoction of interests
9/3/2007 Cloned meat could be allowed in EU
9/3/2007 Farmers told not to graze their animals on Bt cotton
9/3/2007 Jeffrey Smith's new book - Genetic Roulette - reviewed
8/3/2007 Firestorm of controversy at Berkeley
8/3/2007 Monsanto's toxic sites could cost a bomb
8/3/2007 URGENT appeal for financial support for GM WATCH
8/3/2007 Video of peaceful action in support of justice for Silvino Talavera rejected
7/3/2007 BASF takes $1-9 million hit from GM contamination
7/3/2007 Former Monsanto exec fined for bribe
7/3/2007 LM-connected director behind "Global Warming Swindle"
7/3/2007 Tangle of bribes creates trouble for Monsanto
7/3/2007 U.S. creamery moves to prevent GM contamination
6/3/2007 GM research dominates BP-Berkeley tie-up / Big "No!" to biofuel targets
6/3/2007 Rice recalled in U.S. over new GM contamination
6/3/2007 The sinister new biofuel alliance / BP-Berkeley row / Action alert
6/3/2007 USA plans to allow human genes in GM rice
4/3/2007 ."We've already eaten GM rice because of gov't neglect!"
4/3/2007 Bt cotton spells doom for cattle
4/3/2007 GM crops a "great concern for India"
4/3/2007 Key Monsanto patent rejected
4/3/2007 Sick people used like laboratory rats in GM trials
3/3/2007 PMK opposes use of genetically modified seeds
3/3/2007 USDA Backs Production of Rice With Human Genes
2/3/2007 3200 acres of pharma rice in Kansas - OBJECT!
2/3/2007 Anti-GM rice campaign across 13 Asian countries
2/3/2007 Seed shortages force rice growers to plant contaminated rice
1/3/2007 "Grow GM crops or face strife" - Oz lobbyists
1/3/2007 The bollworm returns
1/3/2007 The sham of Patrick Moore