France to follow Germany in GM corn ban (25/5/2007)

France will follow Germany's recent de facto ban on GM corn (maize), according to the country's freshly-appointed environment minister and deputy head of government - Alain Juppe.

Juppe, a former French prime minister, told the French daily paper Le Parisien that, "In this particular instance, we must be steered by the German case."

According to reports, Juppe was referring to restrictions applied by the German government to Monsanto's MON 810 corn which mean that it can only be sold if Monsanto also provides an accompanying monitoring plan to research the effects on the environment. To date Monsanto has not presented any such plan. (France could follow Germany in GM corn restriction)

Juppe's also reported to have said, "They have just discovered that the toxin which is supposed to kill the corn pest is being secreted in ways that are not precisely what was expected."

The Minister's also reported to have said the wider question of GM crops in France will be addressed at a national review of environment policies to be held in October.

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