Post your message directly on EU Commissioners' blogs (12/12/2007)

Leave a (polite!) comment - see pointers and suggestions below - directly on the official blogs of two key European Commissioners deciding on GM maize authorisation:

*Mariann Fischer Boel, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development http://www.email.greenpeace.org/chuheni_scccxyb.html

*Janez Potocnik, Commissioner for Science and Research http://www.email.greenpeace.org/lfwfdko_scccxyb.html


Greenpeace International, Action Alert!

Dear friends,

Have you ever received more than 100,000 emails all about just one issue, from people all over the world and in just three weeks? Well, European Commissioners have! Thanks to your participation in our action, we sent them our support for Environment Commissioner Dimas, who enraged agro-chemical companies last month when he refused to allow the cultivation of two varieties of genetically modified (GM) maize (Bt 11 and 1507) in Europe.

It was almost too good. Apparently, because of 'technical problems', some Commissioners did not get our messages. Commissioner Margot Wallstrom has apologised for the rejection of many thousand of messages by the European Commission's email server. Fair enough, she even wrote about it on her official blog.

And that gave us an idea...

Here's what you can do to help keep the heat on the European Commission:

Write your own, personalised comment on the blog of some of the key Commissioners who will decide about the authorisation of GM maize and whose positions are not yet clear:

Mariann Fischer Boel Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development http://www.email.greenpeace.org/bzmzieg_scccxyb.html

Janez Potocnik Commissioner for Science and Research http://www.email.greenpeace.org/zpwpaft_scccxyb.html

Comments to Commissioners will always be strongest if they are individual and straightforward. Be polite, of course, or they won't publish your comment at all.

You could use these points in your comments:

You're are a concerned EU citizen, who cares about the environment in Europe, and rejects GM food and GM crops growing in the EU.

You urge the Commissioners to vote in favour of the proposal by Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas to reject the authorisation of two types of GM maize.

It's important to remind them that Dimas' proposal is based on scientific evidence and in line with the precautionary principle as laid down in EU law.

Attempts by industry to delay and derail a European Commission decision should be resisted.

You can, of course, also mention that you are supporting the Greenpeace campaign.

Agro-chemical companies have become particularly upset about our campaign! As you're reading this email they are ferociously lobbying in Brussels to derail Dimas' proposal. It is expected that the key decision to approve or not approve the GM maize will be taken within the next four weeks at a meeting of the European Commissioners. For Dimas' proposal to stand, a majority of at least 14 Commissioners needs to support him. That's why we urge you to go one step further and take action again!

If you need any further information on GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and GM maize in particular, please visit this great webpage.

Thanks in advance for participating in this urgent action - with your continued help, we can make Europe GMO free!

Thanks again,

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