All the news that's fit to link (23/5/2003)

GM-related items, mostly from various biotech 'news' sites etc. To read the articles just click on the relevant site link.
BBC News has opened an online debate on the topic
"GM foods: Is Bush right to criticise Europe?"
You can post your views at:
Greenpeace activists hold sit-in at Monsanto in Brussels
St Louis Business Journal
* EP Environment Committee calls for 0.5% labelling threshold and
legislation on co-existence
* Greenpeace activists occupied Monsanto EU/Africa headquarter in Brussels
* UK environment minister Meacher admits GM crops threaten organic output
* GMO moratorium in Albania
The Albanian Parliament's Committee on Agriculture proposes to ban the use of GMOs during the next five years and has requested the Environment Ministry to prepare the legal framework for such a moratorium. For more information: [email protected], Albanian Organic Agriculture Association, www.organic.org.al
* Swiss Parliament votes for GMO moratorium until 2009
* US Organic Farms Contaminated by Transgenic Organisms
* 27. May, Brussels: Council of Agricultural Ministers discusses Commissioner Fischlers Co-existence proposal
* 28 May, Brussels: Conference on co-existence in the European Parliament
Genetically Modified Food News
News items
23 May 2003 - GM FOOD: The United States Is Playing with Hunger (FoE)
22 May 2003 - European Environment Committee votes for stronger GM laws (FoE)
22 May 2003 - President attacks Europe over crops (Times, UK)
21 May 2003 - Government warned on 'invasion' of GM crops (Irish Times)
Biotech-info - What's New?
Golden Rice: What Role Could It Play In Alleviation of Vitamin A Deficiency?, 2002 Food Policy. 27. 5/6. 541 - 560
A Grand Deal for the Trade Dispute, Businessweek, May 16, 2003
New Section on US/European Trade Dispute (WTO Case)
A Global Citizen's Declaration for Biosafety and Food Security: U.S. and International Citizens Oppose the U.S./WTO Intervention Against European Controls on Genetically Modified Foods, Issued and ratified at the 7th international grassroots gathering on Biodevastation, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, May 16-18, 2003 (www.biodev.org) ...
Europe's (and the World's) Big Soy Berger: Patently Wrong!, ETC Group
News Release, May 7, 2003
Monsanto Brazil seeks royalties for illegal RR soy, Reuters News Service, May 6, 2003
GM Microbes Invade North America, ISIS Press Release, April 24, 2003
The Effects of Information on Consumer Demand for Biotech Foods: Evidence from Experimental Auctions, Technical Bulletin No. (TB1903), 32 pp, April 2003
GENET archive May
Patents: Patent race on SARS virus started, GENET
Regulation: Brazil lower house clears genetically modified soydecree, GENET
Plants: Scientists told not to tinker with Basmati, GENET
Plants: GE rice developed to replace insulin injections, GENET
Misc: "That's the precautionary principle, American-style.", GENET
Regulation: FDA takes steps to control GE research, GENET
Misc: USAID and India build up framework to promote GE crops, GENET
Plants: GE crops planted in Romania without oversight, GENET
Plants: Syngenta sues U.S. companies for illegally selling hybridwheat, GENET
Misc: Smart GE bio-weapons are now possible, GENET
Regulation: Australia and California go for embroynic stem cellresearch, GENET

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