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31/1/2004 Agribusiness on PR blitz in Latin America
31/1/2004 GM uptake figures are not accurate/Biotech Boom Linked to Development Dollars
31/1/2004 Monsanto's chapati patent raises Indian ire
30/1/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 57
29/1/2004 Monsanto's GM technology fails in Kenya - the hype falls apart!
29/1/2004 Monsanto's hype exposed - more on the GM sweet potato disaster
28/1/2004 "A disaster for democracy" / Euro blow to GM oilseed rape
28/1/2004 Alert - A Can of (GM) Worms For India
28/1/2004 Commission approves Syngenta's maize / Chronology of EU's ban on gene crops and foods
28/1/2004 The necessary evidence on GM "simply does not exist"
27/1/2004 Bayer's child labour challenged once again
27/1/2004 Biotech wheat pits farmer vs. farmer / US double talk?
27/1/2004 GM free food is a Garden of Eden fantasy, says Fischler
27/1/2004 Monsanto and other giants overshadow Thai trade talks
27/1/2004 Police kill 2 in crackdown on GM crop protest in Paraguay
27/1/2004 UK supermarkets to stay GM-free - opposition to GM foods is as strong as ever
23/1/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 56
22/1/2004 GM giants pin hopes on Africa
22/1/2004 GM increasing pesticide use - non-GM doing the opposite
22/1/2004 More on GM in South Africa - the lobbyists
21/1/2004 Africa: Dumping ground for rejected GM wheat
21/1/2004 Another world is possible - Devinder Sharma in Mumbai
21/1/2004 Behind the headlines
21/1/2004 Monsanto's lawyers rebuffed in Schmeiser case
20/1/2004 Genes Run Wild says New Report from U.S.'s National Research Council
20/1/2004 Percy's Future is Our Future / Canadian farmer stands up against Monsanto
20/1/2004 Prakash & Co. target Blair
19/1/2004 GMW Alert! "Eco-imperialism" in New York - exploiting the poor for corporate purposes
19/1/2004 ISAAA hyped GM cotton figures for India
19/1/2004 Monsanto exits Argentina soy biz - it can't make a buck
18/1/2004 Saving Blair's face - GM corn to be approved for one year only
17/1/2004 Anti-GM troops set for action
17/1/2004 Fate of biodiversity rests on Canadian farmerís court challenge vs. Monsanto
17/1/2004 Tony Blair must listen on GM / Cardiff and London in GM crops row
17/1/2004 U.S. Expects New EU Laws To Increase Its Losses
16/1/2004 Controversy in Greece and Colombia
16/1/2004 Ministers to approve commercial growth of GM crops next month
16/1/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 55
14/1/2004 Andrew Natsios of USAID - A GM Watch profile
14/1/2004 Human-Animal Chimeras? - Genetic Crossroads #36
14/1/2004 Mixed message on GM crops leaves ministers in quandary
14/1/2004 More on the LM network
13/1/2004 'Farmers' on parade - Kisan Coordination Committee - faking it in the South
13/1/2004 ACRE says GM Maize 'No Threat to Wildlife'
13/1/2004 Biotech companies should withdraw GM crop applications & other responses to ACRE
13/1/2004 GM Insects: Waiting In The Wings?
13/1/2004 ISAAA hypes GM crops by a factor of 20 or more
13/1/2004 UK's ACRE report today/Germany ready to legalise GM corn / Can we trust the experts?
12/1/2004 Africa - the new frontier for the GE industry
12/1/2004 AgCan ends testing of GM wheat developed with Monsanto
12/1/2004 Florence Wambugu - how to WAMBUZLE the world
12/1/2004 Man from Syngenta.../On the Edge of Lunacy
12/1/2004 Picture display / Safe Seed Sourcebook / Pusztai in London / Devinder interview / GM rice...
12/1/2004 World Social Forum in Mumbai - 'GM Food Tech Will Not Remove Hunger'
10/1/2004 GMOs - Fact and Fiction
10/1/2004 Trial judge worked for firm that acted for Monsanto
9/1/2004 Stott wades in - "Lowering the tone of the GM debate"
9/1/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 54
8/1/2004 Burke and Lachmann attack GM WATCH
8/1/2004 Ever heard of Hood Robin?
8/1/2004 GM crops linked to rise in pesticide use
8/1/2004 Reaction to Nuffield - useful summary
8/1/2004 Useful summary of Benbrook's research
7/1/2004 Chapela's denial of tenure "disgraceful"
7/1/2004 Monsanto accused of price-fixing
7/1/2004 Monsanto makes Oakhurst alter its label
7/1/2004 Pope hijacked? You bet!
7/1/2004 US urges Thai ministry to allow GM trials
6/1/2004 Monsanto backs off GM wheat in 2004
2/1/2004 Bayer staff win protection over GM protests
2/1/2004 Busy exploiting hunger
2/1/2004 Farmer doubts about GM cotton grow/Failure of GMOs in India
2/1/2004 WEEKLY WATCH NUMBER 53 + monthly review