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Below are two sets of links. The first are to some articles based on our research. The second are to other sources of information on lobbyists, industry-friendly experts etc. These include websites with relevant articles and directories but also ones which will enable you to conduct your own research.

some articles based on our research

The Uncle Tom Award by Jonathan Matthews
the minstrelsy of lobbying.

The Fake Parade by Jonathan Matthews
multinational corporations are manufacturing the poor.

Corporate Phantoms by George Monbiot
the corporate web of deceit around GM food.

The Fake Persuaders by George Monbiot companies are creating false citizens to try to change the way we think.

Biotech's Hall of Mirrors by Jonathan Matthews
the use of fake citizens, fake organisations, and fake public protest.

Rotten to the Corp by Claire Robinson
the political network infiltrating the science-media establishment and using smear tactics borrowed from America's far-right.

Invasion of the Entryists by George Monbiot
how did a cultish political network become the public face of the science establishment?

New Stalinism in the Labour Lab by Tom Wakeford
the government's science media centre compromises free speech.

The New Thought Police: suppressing dissent in science by Mae-Wan Ho and Jonathan Matthews

Genetically Modified Language by Jonathan Matthews
unspinning pro-GM arguments, metaphors and word choices.

Fake Blood on the Maize by Jonathan Matthews
the PR exploitation of drought and hunger. 

Jimmy's GM Food Fix by Jonathan Matthews
creating a prime time soft-sell advertsiement.

other links

PR Watch
investigative reporting on the public relations industry, including: Spin of the day on media manipulation, and SourceWatch - the on-line research project tracking the individuals, corporations and PR firms behind disinformation campaigns.

monitoring PR and spin in the public interest from a European angle.

profiles of climate change sceptics funded by exxon mobil.

Integrity in Science Database
a database on corporate ties of over 1,000 scientists, academics, and 'non-profit organizations' in the fields of nutrition, environment, toxicology, and medicine.

Who is? Website registration
find out who is behind a particular website just by typing in the address.

Wayback machine
view earlier versions of websites, including discontinued websites with this internet archive.

tracking the money in US elections and its impact on public policy.

UK charities register
search for a charity by name and find out its trustees.

monitoring the anti-environmental movement in the US. see also the article The War on the Greens , and a very useful links section on tracking wise use and far right groups, corporate and government influence, media and PR, campaign finance and lobbying.

David Miller of Strathclyde University
tracking propaganda and media distortion. see his article
Caught in the Matrix .

useful websites and bibliography on anti-environmental movement.

GM Watch
'the world’s most comprehensive database on the impacts and the politics of genetically engineered crops' - George Monbiot.

Database on the Revolving Door and Biotech
people who've worked for both government and industry, specially biotech.

Organic Attack!
profiles of many of those behind the orchestrated attacks on organic agriculture.

Environmental Research Foundation
searchable site, authored by Dr Peter Montague, breaking through corporate spin on scientific research concerning health and environment.

Corporate Europe Observatory
a European-based site tracking influence of corporations and their lobby groups

Andy Rowell
website of the UK-based investigative journalist and author of Green Backlash .

monitoring the mainstream media for corporate and government distortion.

Pandora - mailing list
exchanging information on PR companies and corporate counterstrategies and front groups. see also the Pandora Project's useful bibliography.

Corporate Accountability Project
lots of links on tracking multinational corporations.

'holding corporations accountable'

Corporate Watch
'the Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.' - Utah Phillips

Suppression of Dissent
site of Australian academic Brian Martin, author of The Whistleblower's Handbook. read his article Suppression of Dissent in Science .

Prof Bullsh*t
articles and links on bogus research, false reports and other spin-doctoring from the pro-GM lobby.

spoof ads etc. from the Canadian-based 'journal of the mental environment'.

Pants on Fire Awards
the GM Watch awards for lies, slander and spin.

Greenwash Awards
awards to corporations that put more into slick 'eco-friendly' PR than they do into protecting the environment.

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