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31/7/2003 More fake GM farmers from Africa?
31/7/2003 No GM food production in Oz - Australian States Reject GM Food Production
31/7/2003 Producers, Sellers Urged to Label GM Food in China
31/7/2003 The corporate conquest of Nature
31/7/2003 Wambugu - a spin doctor's dream lobotomises the media
30/7/2003 Bush's Biotech Shock and Awe Campaign
30/7/2003 GM 'assistance' for Africa
30/7/2003 Inquiry urged into university biotech links
30/7/2003 Make Britain GM free, says Charles/Stark choice on GM or organic, says Meacher/GM maize scandal rocks industry
30/7/2003 Rape ban for GM farmers
30/7/2003 Scientists Respond to GM Science Review
30/7/2003 When's a retraction not a retraction?
29/7/2003 Lifting GE moratorium would be ‘foolhardy in extreme’/and other stories
28/7/2003 GM Democracy - Quarterly News By Ronnie Cummins
28/7/2003 GM Soy destroyed by protesters in Japan
28/7/2003 Monsanto's safety tests riddled with flaws
28/7/2003 Scientist smeared/King responds over GM crop probe row
28/7/2003 Tesco, Iceland, Morrisons bottom of league as GM slips onto shelves
28/7/2003 Top scientist was told his career was over if he dared to speak his mind about GM
27/7/2003 Pusztai on Moses
26/7/2003 Australian Approval of GM Canola Stalled by States
26/7/2003 Blair urged to identify Government scientific advisor who threatened anti-GM scientist
26/7/2003 Confédération Paysanne resumes its anti-GM actions
26/7/2003 The GM plot - Scientist tried to sabotage work of top academic
26/7/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 34
25/7/2003 Debate, what debate?
25/7/2003 Deplorable Attack on GM Critic
25/7/2003 GM opponents angry over canola approval
25/7/2003 Modified crops could erase wild counterparts, study says
25/7/2003 UK has no option but to allow GM crops commercialisation - DuPont man/DuPont attempts to influence anti-GM food campaigners
24/7/2003 Another Science Review Panelist complains of pressure and intimidation
24/7/2003 Europe Completes Laws Governing Transgenic Food and Feed
24/7/2003 GM labels for China and Canada/GM-free news from South Australia
24/7/2003 Models show gene flow from crops threatens wild plants
24/7/2003 Naive, narrow and biased... Carlo Leifert explains why he resigned from the government's GM science review panel
23/7/2003 EU Commission backs farmers who want to grow GM crops
23/7/2003 Extensive study into glyphosate welcomed by GM Free NZ
22/7/2003 Astroturf uncovered in grassroots protest
22/7/2003 Biotech money-in-politics - a new report
22/7/2003 EU ministers approve GM label rules - impossible to say when the ban could be lifted
22/7/2003 GM Freedom Fighters?
22/7/2003 GM inquiry exposed as top scientist quits
22/7/2003 Unexplored threat to health, wildlife and biodiversity
21/7/2003 GM animals push lab test stats up - a quarter of all experiments
21/7/2003 GM foods - Art of Deception/India's Future Lies In Organic Farming
21/7/2003 More on Science Review
21/7/2003 Science review - 'the truth'?
20/7/2003 A cautionary tale in Science
20/7/2003 EU Commission to ban bans on GMOs
20/7/2003 Monsanto's Science Director wrote UK's Science Review/Dissenting adviser quits GM panel
20/7/2003 Pusztai interview - The Gene Genie
19/7/2003 GM science review answers few questions
18/7/2003 Companies in China clear genetically engineered food off their shelves
18/7/2003 Contamination in Canada sounds warning to UK
18/7/2003 New blow to Government on GM/More GM Fields Are Destroyed In France
18/7/2003 Public suspicion forces GM rethink
18/7/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 33
17/7/2003 FSA says public lines up with government opinion!
17/7/2003 GM Science Review and lack of GM health studies
17/7/2003 Hot Potato - Pusztai: The True Story - excerpts from Rowell's new book
17/7/2003 Italian court rejects company bid to save GM maize
17/7/2003 Organic Bytes #17
16/7/2003 Most in U.S. Would Shun Labeled Biotech Foods/Protest disrupts Tour de France/EU Takes Member States to Court Over GMOs
16/7/2003 Shops 'unlikely to stock GM food'
16/7/2003 US attack on EU policy based on systematic deception
15/7/2003 A third of Americans trying to avoid buying foods that have been genetically modified
15/7/2003 Biotech industry orchestrating law breaking in Italy
15/7/2003 Bush’s goody basket for Africa filled with holes
15/7/2003 Dolly creators begin mass slaughter/Organic farmers sing biotech blues/& other tales
15/7/2003 French protests over Bove
15/7/2003 MPs get overseas advice on GMs
15/7/2003 Mulvany on Strategy Unit/Can India benefit from Cartagena Protocol?
14/7/2003 Are we standing on the edge of GM abyss?
14/7/2003 Biotech products inherently variable and unpredictable, says BIO
14/7/2003 Failure to disclose funding by Roush et al leads Science to change its policy on disclosure
14/7/2003 Monsanto, Pioneer urge Italian farmers to fight GM crop cull
14/7/2003 More weeds developing a resistance to glyphosate
13/7/2003 Anger at advisers' biotech links
12/7/2003 GM crops unloved, unwanted and a rush to grow crops could cause civil unrest
12/7/2003 Home Office under renewed fire over GM animal experiments
12/7/2003 Italian region orders GM maize fields destroyed
12/7/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 32
11/7/2003 Blair’s Strategy Unit Report on GM crops and responses
11/7/2003 Golden Rice project setback/Biotech crops may go to poor countries
11/7/2003 Science review panelist's funding by GM companies/Science review panel struggles to reach agreement on risks of GM
11/7/2003 Sowing seeds of destruction
10/7/2003 Bove/Bush/saboteur returns/contaminated seed/Codex
10/7/2003 GM crops a waste of time, No 10 study will tell Blair
10/7/2003 New superweeds fear from GM crops
10/7/2003 Study - GM wheat poses a threat/Scientists eye glyphosate-fusarium link
9/7/2003 Chapela inspiring in Norfolk - report on the debate
9/7/2003 Meacher raises more questions in parliament
9/7/2003 Monsanto sues over labelling of GE cattle drug treated milk
9/7/2003 UK govt study may play down GMO crop benefits
8/7/2003 African leaders to challenge Bush over 'ruinous' trade practices
8/7/2003 Benbrook on Food Aid, Food Safety, WTO, and RR weeds
8/7/2003 Meacher voices further GM fears
8/7/2003 Towards Cancun WTO Ministerial: Abandoning Agriculture
7/7/2003 'Would you use a condom with 49 holes in it?' - Madge
7/7/2003 BOOK REVIEW: Don't Worry, It's Safe to Eat
7/7/2003 Is George Bush the new Bob Geldof?
7/7/2003 The sinister sacking of the world’s leading GM expert – and the trail that leads to Tony Blair and the White House
5/7/2003 GMWATCH number 11
3/7/2003 Biotechnology in the global South
3/7/2003 Bush Boycott: Africa is not for sale - PAC won't break bread with Bush
3/7/2003 No justification for GM foods
3/7/2003 Poverty Express/Conference Pushes Biotech Acceptance by Third World
2/7/2003 'Not a single minister who was in support of GMOs'
2/7/2003 Americans angered by European curbs/US farmers aghast
2/7/2003 Monsanto funding another "front group"
2/7/2003 NZ's GM regulators "not up to the job"
2/7/2003 Syngenta fail to inform public/GM activists destroy crops
2/7/2003 US food conference fails to unite farmers on GM crops
2/7/2003 US opposes European plan for labeling
1/7/2003 "He could have been at Oklahoma and been fed to the hogs"
1/7/2003 Brazil and the global battle over GM seeds/GM-Free Brazil
1/7/2003 Chapela protest latest/Chapela resource
1/7/2003 Dawn raid on GM research station
1/7/2003 NGOs are Commies, Women are Terrorists
1/7/2003 Open letter to G.W. Bush/New UN standards on GM foods
1/7/2003 US beats Egypt with trade stick