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31/1/2008 Meacher replies to Canadian government
31/1/2008 PANUPS - Farmer protection bill passed
31/1/2008 Poland sued by EU over GMOs
30/1/2008 Approve GM or face "massive retaliation"
30/1/2008 Canadians not happy with GMOs
30/1/2008 Vitamin A boosted without GM
29/1/2008 Resistance rises against GM
29/1/2008 Review of 'The great GM miracle?'
28/1/2008 Canada dirty tricks exposed in WTO trade dispute
28/1/2008 Food Fight: Canada vs. Europe
28/1/2008 GM crop dangers in India
27/1/2008 DAS BESTE AUS 2007
26/1/2008 Filme und Bücher - 2007
24/1/2008 Full transcript - The great GM miracle?
24/1/2008 Leading experts demand retraction of "wormy corn" paper
24/1/2008 Over 300 scientists and groups call for GM ban in Spain
23/1/2008 Biotech companies desert international agriculture project
23/1/2008 Biotech critics challenging Monsanto GMO sugar beet
23/1/2008 SAGE demands NBA Chairman step down
22/1/2008 Canadian farmer forces GM giant back to court
22/1/2008 Costing the Earth - transcript
22/1/2008 WEEKLY WATCH number 239
18/1/2008 EU panel does not support animal cloning
17/1/2008 Deserting the hungry?
17/1/2008 GMO demonstration draws crowds, politicians
17/1/2008 Police investigate GE field trial security breach
17/1/2008 The great GM miracle? Broadcast tonight
17/1/2008 Victory on GM hormone labels
16/1/2008 BEST OF 2007 - Global roundup of resistance
16/1/2008 Breaking news: Cloned meat allowed on shelves
16/1/2008 Clones already being eaten - Washington Post
16/1/2008 EU biotech lobby promoting its agenda in Greece
15/1/2008 Arpad Pusztai: Biological divide
15/1/2008 Farmers call for research levies to be voluntary
15/1/2008 Food giant offers cheese free of GM hormone
15/1/2008 US holds fire on sanctions against EU in biotech food dispute
13/1/2008 EU rethinks biofuels guidelines
13/1/2008 GM does not make cotton more profitable
13/1/2008 Unwanted immune responses triggered by GM pharma corn
12/1/2008 Food from clones safe - EFSA
12/1/2008 French Farmer Calls Off Hunger Strike
11/1/2008 Monsanto's GM hormone putting lives at risk - expert
11/1/2008 PM: France To Ban GM Corn
10/1/2008 EU may face trade sanctions over WTO biotech case
10/1/2008 Le Monde article on GM ban (in English)
10/1/2008 Toxicity of Bt crops - summary of research worldwide
9/1/2008 "Desperate" researcher's "melodramatic lies"
9/1/2008 Chief scientist plays fast and loose
9/1/2008 Critical Review of Literature on Toxicology Studies of GM Products
9/1/2008 French experts say doubts remain on GMO maize risks
9/1/2008 MONATSRÜCKBLICK NR. 52 - Deutsche Ausgabe
8/1/2008 Be wary of biotech lettuce experiments
8/1/2008 NON-GM BREAKTHROUGHS - 2007
7/1/2008 The Critical Community
7/1/2008 The Threat to Reason - GM Watch review
6/1/2008 Maandoverzicht 52 - Nederlandse vertaling
6/1/2008 Pioneer modifies sorghum to boost GM in Africa
5/1/2008 French Left backs strike against GMOs
5/1/2008 UK govt scientist sees few benefits from agrofuels
4/1/2008 Nonsense figures re GM crops and "loss" to the UK economy
3/1/2008 EFSA failing to protect public health - expert
3/1/2008 Hunger strike in France to protest gene-altered crops
3/1/2008 Policy u-turn on GM has crucial ramifications
3/1/2008 RESEARCH 2007
2/1/2008 2007 IN BOOKS
2/1/2008 FILMS 2007
2/1/2008 Safety of GM corn queried by scientist
2/1/2008 Seeds of Destruction - review