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31/10/2007 Internal Documents Reveal Government Collusion with Industry on GM Potato Trial Licenses
31/10/2007 New legal move in India over GM food regulation
30/10/2007 Austria defeats EU Commission in GMO battle, may yet lose the war
30/10/2007 EU environment ministers gear up for heated GMO debate
30/10/2007 Suspension of GM crops welcomed
29/10/2007 Claims of GM benefits "lunatic"
29/10/2007 Corporate murder - Syngenta must leave Brazil
29/10/2007 More on attack on protesters at Syngenta's GMO farm
29/10/2007 Too close for comfort
28/10/2007 French Scepticism Signals Seismic Policy Shift
28/10/2007 GM: The Secret Files
28/10/2007 Official: organic really is better
28/10/2007 Time for a fresh start on GM
26/10/2007 Chapela on Watson and eugenics
26/10/2007 GM ban in France confirmed
26/10/2007 India's Supreme Court issues contempt notice to regulators
26/10/2007 Monsanto lobbyists prepare for a post-Bush future
25/10/2007 Australia's PM out of touch with Australian consumers and farmers
25/10/2007 Dimas calls for GM maize ban in Europe
25/10/2007 GMO Products as a Condition for Ukraine to Enter WTO?
25/10/2007 Majority of Australians don't like GMOs - new survey
25/10/2007 Monsanto heads-up - South Africa
25/10/2007 Violent actions against Brazilian farmers for protesting GMOs
25/10/2007 Writ filed in Supreme Court against deregulating GM foods
24/10/2007 Dangers of reshaping nature "terrifying"
24/10/2007 Fact Finding Report on Bt cotton
24/10/2007 Failure of Bt cotton in Andhra Pradesh - report
24/10/2007 France may ban Monsanto GMO maize - minister
24/10/2007 GM corn evaluation not "rigorous" science
24/10/2007 GM industry steps up lobbying on liability
24/10/2007 Taverne - "The real GM food scandal"
23/10/2007 Canadian agriculture "probably the least profitable in the world"
23/10/2007 Greenpeace forces Carrefour to clear GM soy bread from shelves in Romania
23/10/2007 It's the libertarians who bleed us dry
23/10/2007 Kenya Biodiversity Coalition wins its fight against Biosafety Bill
23/10/2007 Killing fields and IRRI
23/10/2007 Three arrested in GM crop protest in Australia
22/10/2007 2 Dead in Brazil Clash at Biotech Farm
22/10/2007 Full translation - Attack by Syngenta's armed militia results in dead and wounded in Brazil
22/10/2007 Report of "Syngenta attack" with armed guards leaving dead and wounded
22/10/2007 Top chefs drop support for Irish food scheme over GMOs
21/10/2007 Biotech foods are still hard to swallow
21/10/2007 Skin allergy and pulmonary problems reported with Bt cotton
20/10/2007 Consumers appeal to Australian states to extend moratoria
20/10/2007 GM food labels hotly debated in Iowa
20/10/2007 Looking to a Future with Genetically Enhanced Humans
20/10/2007 Monsanto files suit against French GMO activists
20/10/2007 Our reliance on unsafe US products
19/10/2007 Holy seeds threaten to halt biotech project
19/10/2007 Japanese consumers will not accept GM food
19/10/2007 Protests over Biosafety Bill in Kenya
19/10/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 231
18/10/2007 GM protester hit with fine
18/10/2007 Patents Could Play Major Role in Global Biofuels Market
18/10/2007 Removal of GM ban may cost Japanese contracts
17/10/2007 BP Exec pied at BioFuels event
17/10/2007 Campaigner in Court After Final GM Crop Trashing
17/10/2007 GM champion claims blacks less intelligent than whites
17/10/2007 GM lobby group in controversy over Gore film
17/10/2007 GMO hype for thought
17/10/2007 Smell a rat? Results from animal feeding trials give us reasons to be fearful
16/10/2007 89% of Americans want GM labeling
16/10/2007 Columbans warn pro-GM food lobby targeting Australia
16/10/2007 European Union blocks GMO potatoes, corn
16/10/2007 Maandoverzicht 49 - Nederlandse vertaling
16/10/2007 Most farmers in Southern Africa will not benefit from GM
16/10/2007 World Food Day - call to boycott GM soya, corn, canola food products
15/10/2007 Japan urges Australia to continue GM crop bans
15/10/2007 News from Ireland
14/10/2007 Scientists and lobby groups continue to differ on ''designer foods''
13/10/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 230
12/10/2007 MONATSRÜCKBLICK Nr. 49 - Deutsche Ausgabe
12/10/2007 Transgenic Corn Found to Damage Stream Ecosystems
11/10/2007 News from Europe
10/10/2007 FDA-Created Health Crisis Circles the Globe
10/10/2007 More non-GM success stories
10/10/2007 New image further demolishes Shane Morris's claims
10/10/2007 Religious leaders hail court block on GM rice
10/10/2007 Science, participation and politics
10/10/2007 TAKE ACTION - Stop GM sugar beets
9/10/2007 GM Corn May Affect Aquatic Ecosystems, Indiana University Study Says
9/10/2007 War in India's rice fields
8/10/2007 Budweiser contaminated with GE rice - Wwwaaasssuuupp?
8/10/2007 Food from cloned animals - a bait and switch?
8/10/2007 More on the attack on GM Watch
8/10/2007 Peter Melchett to Shane Morris
8/10/2007 Probe Into Tainted Rice Ends - USDA clueless
8/10/2007 Re: Codex proposes guidelines for non-approved GMOs
8/10/2007 US investigation over GM rice contamination lets Bayer off the hook
7/10/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 229
5/10/2007 Codex proposes guidelines for non-approved GMOs
5/10/2007 GEAC's "no" to Bt brinjal / Bt cotton causes shortfall in Pakistan
5/10/2007 GM Flowers
5/10/2007 Trojan Horse Delivered to UC/BP Scientists
4/10/2007 Ireland: Is Fine Gael clueless on GMOs?
4/10/2007 Only small minority of Australian farmers want GM crops
4/10/2007 Recipe For Disaster
4/10/2007 Vidarbha Farmers' Suicides Inspire Highway Blockade Across India
3/10/2007 EU environment chief faces GMO hot potato
3/10/2007 Huge premium for GMO-free corn / Viagra in soy!
3/10/2007 Italian campaign plans mass "vote" against GM food
2/10/2007 Alternative Nobel Prizes for the Schmeisers
2/10/2007 Feeding the World Without Genetic Engineering
2/10/2007 Government bodies colluded with giant firms on entry of GMOs
2/10/2007 More backtracking on food safety in India
2/10/2007 More on the Schmeisers' Right Livelihood Award
2/10/2007 The United States' Failing Food System