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30/11/2005 Debate rages over Bt cotton
30/11/2005 GM opposition day/conferences/taxing GM farmers/GM free regions
30/11/2005 Playing with our food - superb article
30/11/2005 Reuters corrects reporting of GM lobby
30/11/2005 Scientists,others caution against biotech in Africa
29/11/2005 Austria to launch EU-wide GMO debate after Swiss referendum
29/11/2005 Background on "spectacular victory" in Switzerland
29/11/2005 China committee not recommending GMO rice
29/11/2005 Monsanto's new website with farmers punting biotech
29/11/2005 Syngenta & co responsible for rampant child labour on Indian cotton farms
29/11/2005 Total ban on field trials of GM food crops sought in India
28/11/2005 Complaint filed against Monsanto's "misleading" ad
28/11/2005 GM crops highly dangerous, warn Austrian campaigners
28/11/2005 Independent health testing on GM foods to be funded by govt of Western Australia
28/11/2005 Indian govt admits failure of Bt cotton in 2 states
27/11/2005 Pusztai replies to Amman
27/11/2005 Switzerland backs GM crop ban
25/11/2005 Bt cotton implicated in farmer suicides
25/11/2005 New evidence of harm from GM food triggers call for immediate ban
25/11/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 152
24/11/2005 Cloning pioneer disgraced / GM crops chief suspended in job row
24/11/2005 GM crops a flop in North America / Benbrook in Oz
24/11/2005 Governor asks state govt to probe failure of Bt cotton / Public must have say in GM rice debate
24/11/2005 Minister won't meet anti-GM farmers
24/11/2005 Re: Commission authorizes Danish GM compensation scheme
24/11/2005 Risky business - Brazil's corporate-connected scientists
23/11/2005 Bt cotton causing allergic reaction in MP; cattle dead
23/11/2005 Bt cotton defective / Bt cotton merry-go-round
23/11/2005 Commission authorises Danish GM compensation scheme
23/11/2005 GM papaya problems - Malaysia and Thailand
23/11/2005 Move to lift ban on GM trials inThailand
22/11/2005 China slows GMO rice plan as concerns mount
22/11/2005 Industry consultant pushes Asian acceptance of GM rice
22/11/2005 Paying the price of Bt Cotton
21/11/2005 Expert - tests should be done on all GM foods
21/11/2005 GM ending for Africa?
21/11/2005 GM McSweeney bites the dust
21/11/2005 Monsanto still involved in child labour in India
21/11/2005 Scientist who led GM pea testing calls for comprehensive testing of GMOs
20/11/2005 Bt firms condemned for unethical sales
20/11/2005 Rummy's bird-flu bonanza protected from liability
20/11/2005 The irresistible rise of Tony's crony
20/11/2005 TJ Higgins - disingenuous or just dishonest?
19/11/2005 U.S. "bribed scientists at the Kenya Agriclutural Research Institute" claim
18/11/2005 Ireland's role as biotech stooge
18/11/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 151
17/11/2005 Abstract of GM pea paper showing adverse effects in mice
17/11/2005 Blockade of GM-carrying ship in Poland
17/11/2005 GM crop scrapped as mice made ill
17/11/2005 Indian farm research sector opened to U.S. companies
17/11/2005 Re: Pest-killing GM cotton still potent
17/11/2005 U.S. "shockingly unprepared" for GM imports - New Scientist
16/11/2005 More disturbing reports on Bt cotton problems
16/11/2005 New report sounds warning on GMOs for local authorities
16/11/2005 NGO findings on Bt cotton raise a stink
16/11/2005 Poland's Prime Minister pledges to keep Poland GM-free
15/11/2005 Bove and French MEP jailed for destroying GM crops
15/11/2005 Bt cotton seeds fail to germinate / Bt cotton not increasing yield
15/11/2005 GE find sparks call to destroy tainted crops
15/11/2005 Response from Fr. Sean McDonagh to US lobbying of the Vatican
14/11/2005 Ban Monsanto call by Indian farmers
14/11/2005 Legal action for criminal negligence demanded against GEAC
14/11/2005 New research shows 35S CaMV promoter is active in some human intestinal cells
14/11/2005 Re: US launches "West Africa Cotton Improvement Program"
14/11/2005 Terminator technology banned in India
14/11/2005 US launches "West Africa Cotton Improvement Program"
13/11/2005 Chief Scientific Officer of Ireland accused of GM cover-up
13/11/2005 New German government plans illegal law on GMOs
12/11/2005 MacAdam's GMO support angers Health Coalition
12/11/2005 Reuters falls for Biotech spin
12/11/2005 U.S. envoy urges Vatican on biotech crops
12/11/2005 US claims it's not imposing GM on Africa
11/11/2005 Backers of ban on bioengineered crops regroup
11/11/2005 Gene contamination may affect organic exports
11/11/2005 The bioweapon is in the post / Did U.S. government lie about deadly virus?
10/11/2005 First Documentary on Genetically Engineered Trees Released
10/11/2005 German election puts biotech law under pressure
10/11/2005 Suppliers turn sour on milk-booster drug
10/11/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 150
10/11/2005 Zambia Holding Firm to GM Ban Amid Aggressive GM Awareness Campaign
9/11/2005 Development of GM crops stagnating
9/11/2005 Oz industry leaders betraying farmers
9/11/2005 Polish farmer avoids prison over GM protest
9/11/2005 Sonoma GM ban rejected / Cloned meat fine if the FDA says so
8/11/2005 "Disappointing biotech" - British Medical Journal
8/11/2005 Biotech-Crop Battle Heats Up as Strains Mix - Wall St Journal
8/11/2005 GMOs, biofuels and the Third World
8/11/2005 New report on Bt cotton problems in India
8/11/2005 Oz farm lobby groups in bed with GM lobbyists
7/11/2005 MONTHLY REVIEW 26
7/11/2005 Serious concerns in Africa over GMOs
7/11/2005 Syngenta vs Monsanto - one ugly contest!
6/11/2005 Are GM foods safe enough?
6/11/2005 GM ag a "sacred cow" in Iowa
6/11/2005 Rummy's bird flu bonanza / Blair backer's smallpox bonanza
5/11/2005 Development charities favour GM moratorium
5/11/2005 Native Hawaiians protest GM corn
5/11/2005 Your diet affects descendants' health
4/11/2005 Feels good, tastes great - biotech seed key to greener future
4/11/2005 GM can't but organic can feed the world
4/11/2005 Hijacks and counterattacks against corporate reform
4/11/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 149
3/11/2005 Correction Re: Golden Rice push hits more hurdles
3/11/2005 EU GM approval cannot hide widespread opposition
3/11/2005 Order 81 makes Project Censored's top ten
3/11/2005 Roundup Ready back in Schmeiser field
3/11/2005 Support Polish farmer facing prison
2/11/2005 Ban trials until Bayer pays for damages
2/11/2005 Canola GM contamination traced to Tas trial
2/11/2005 GM contamination - "The fox is out of the chicken coop"
2/11/2005 GM-free "impractical, unrealistic and unachievable"
2/11/2005 Golden Rice push hits more hurdles
2/11/2005 Judge threatens peaceful GM protesters with ASBOS and electronic tagging
2/11/2005 Sustainable-ag champion kicked upstairs / Row over blocked GM video aired
2/11/2005 Weed out bias on task force / Sonoma GM ban a hot button issue
1/11/2005 Biowarfare: Who Poses the Threat? - New book / Biowarfare bulletins